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12 Week Online Transformation Program

Bring The Faster Fitness Experience To Your Home or Local Gym

Get FAST RESULTS In 12 Weeks Like This...
Walter Lost 5% Body Fat
Kyleen Lost 8% Body Fat
Michael Lost 26 Lbs and 4.9% Body Fat
Sarah Lost 3.2% Body Fat
 Maddie Lost 6.2% Body Fat
Mandi Lost 6.9% Body Fat
Jason Lost 7.6% Body Fat
Liz Lost 4% Body Fat
Kathleen Lost 5% Body Fat
Natalie Lost 7.8% Body Fat
Shannon Lost 20 Lbs and 3.9% Body Fat
Cara Lost 5.2% Body Fat

Work With The Best No Matter Where You Live

"Faster Fitness is the ultimate gym & training experience!...Most importantly, this program produces results." - Ali B.
"I've seen more results in 3 months as a member than I have after years as a member at the local gym. " - Peter B.

Choose The Perfect Program For You:

Female, Male or Male Muscle Building

Our Training Programs Help You...

  • ​​Get FAST Fat Loss: We've become transformation experts by helping over 1200 people like you overcome struggles and discover the lean, athletic body they deserve. Our clients have lost over 2600% body fat and 8,000 lbs of fat in our challenges alone. By signing up, you can start getting the fastest results that science allows.
  • ​Improve Strength and Endurance With World Class At-Home and Gym Workouts. Every program has at-home and in-the-gym options that provide the flexibility to fit any schedule. Each will help you get more toned and athletic, regardless of where you're starting. Our program was designed to be effective with only 3-4 days a week of training. It makes it as convenient as possible to get rapid results and train consistently. Plus, you'll get access to our on-demand workout library, so you can make up workouts and train as much as you want. Our At Home workouts are time-based and utilize our hand-picked strength band set for legit results. All you have to do is hit play and enjoy a killer 45-minute workout. Even if you primarily perform our gym workouts, you'll love our high-energy, Metabolic Conditioning sessions that can be performed anytime, anywhere.
  • Build Your Ideal Body and Improve Performance With Our Gym Program. Our research-driven programs make sure you get leaner, stronger, and build your ideal body. Both our Female and Male programs hit your whole body and core. Our Female program also targets sculpting your legs and glutes, while our Male program also focuses on building your Chest, Back, and Arms. If you're serious about building strength or muscle, this program is for you. For Men who want to go all-in, our muscle-building program will deliver significant muscle growth and help you reach your athletic potential. To achieve this, the Male Muscle Building Program requires a gym membership or a robust at-home gym.
  • Craft Your Perfect Program. We have timed and non-timed versions of our workouts. You can perform the sessions through our app on your phone, apple watch, iPad, laptop, or TV. You can access our database of over 1,000 exercises for substitutions. We truly provide you with all the tools to make this program your own.
  • ​​Improve Mobility and Mindfulness With On Demand Yoga. You can perform our weekly virtual sessions, or use our on-demand library to do it as much as you'd like, wherever you'd like. We also have quick mobility routines that can unlock tightness and help you prevent injuries if needed. 
  • ​Save Hours Every Week and Find A Sustainable Routine. Our training and nutrition program was designed to save you as much time as possible every week. Imagine how much time you'll gain by not having to write workouts, think of what to eat, research trends, or try to figure it out on your own. This will give you more time to spend with family, friends or on your career. 

Our Nutrition and Accountability Program Will Help You...

  • ​​Follow Our Proven Meal Plans With Easy Recipes that will make it simple to get started and stick with it. Our unparalleled nutrition program may be the key to breaking your plateau. They're complete with grocery lists, calories and macros, and can be adjusted to hit any goal. 
  • ​Set Goals and Overcome Obstacles With Nutrition Guidance From World-Class Coaches. This will help you overcome struggles, celebrate wins, and inspire you to follow through. We have options for more passive and hands-on accountability to ensure we're providing the best coaching for you.
  • ​Custom Calorie and Macro Goals For Faster Results. While this isn't required, we can speed up results by customizing your caloric and macronutrient goals. If you decide to track your nutrition with MyFitnessPal, you can share that information with your coach to reach any goal and shatter plateaus.  
  • ​Meet New Gym Friends. You'll get access to our online community that will support you and help you look forward to your workouts.
  • ​Establish Healthier Habits. We help you gradually integrate our 4 Core Habits into your routine, and will help teach you invaluable skills that lead to lifelong changes.
  • ​Save Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month. Results vary, but many clients report saving over $200 a month by following our meal plans, while finally getting the results that they deserve. Plus, we'll teach you strategies that will save you hours every week and make it practical to eat healthy.

Meet The Founder

Marshall Ray, CSCS, PICP, Pn1

“We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of clients make dramatic transformations at Faster Fitness. Seeing people mentally AND physically change inspires us to innovate and help others achieve the same results. We're proud to provide an online coaching experience that is fun and lives up to the high standards of Faster Fitness.”
Marshall has been a coach for over 18 years and has a passion for helping people transform their lives through training and nutrition.

Marshall has earned the credentials of CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), PICP 2 (Poliquin International Certification Program Level 2) and Pn1 (Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1).


  • Are These Virtual Workouts? No. There are no zoom or prerecorded workouts. The training programs are delivered to your phone in our app for maximum flexibility. This allows you to play your music, perform them anywhere (at home, the gym or on the road), at any time. You'll have the ability to show them on your apple watch, ipad, TV, or other devices if preferred. 
  • ​What Are The At Home Workouts Like? These are timed workouts that will feel a lot like our Group Personal Training sessions at Faster. You'll just hit play in your app and it will tell you what to do, when to push, rest, and more. They're 45 minute workouts that can be performed with our recommended at home equipment or other equipment that you have available to you. Plus, we have over 1,000 exercise videos with cues and tips so you can master your technique. 
  • What Are The Gym Workouts Like? These are non-timed workouts because it's hard to stick to strict rest periods in public gyms. While the at home programs have exercise, rep, and set recommendations, the gym version of our workouts are unique and focus more on building strength, athleticism, and sculpting parts of your body like your glutes (women) or upper body (men). You'll find predominately dumbbell, barbell and weighted movements in this program. However, our gym workouts do include Metabolic Conditioning, and you can combine them with "At Home" workouts to find your ideal routine.
  • How Does This Compare To A Workout App? This is Online Personal Training, not an app that delivers workouts. There is no comparison. This program was built by our founder after helping over 1,000 people make insane transformations in their body fat, athleticism and health. Our world class coaches will be monitoring your training, coaching you to overcome challenges, help you nutritionally support your goals, and make it as convenient as possible for you. 
  • How Many Days A Week Will I Have To Work Out? We designed our program to be effective with only three 45 minute sessions per week. We have a goal of 3 or more per week (except the male muscle building program, which is 4), but we have tons of new workouts each week so you could train daily if you wanted to. If you can't commit 2 hours and 15 minutes a week to workout, then this isn't the right program for you.
  • ​If I Feel Like I Have To Be In A Group Or Work With An In Person Trainer To Be Motivated, Will This Work For Me? We're convinced that it will if you give it a shot, but if you try it and it's not your vibe, that's why we have a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is might be the first time that you've worked with a coach remotely, so this is why we offer multiple types of workouts each week so you can find what program fits your lifestyle and goals. There are other benefits that remote training has over in person training, such as the ability to train at any time, with any schedule, when traveling, with your own music,  customizations, and the ability to access our world class programs anywhere in the world. Plus, performing the at home workouts will allow you to save time driving to the gym, even if it's only 1-2 days a week. All of these things add up to help you be more consistent and get the fast results that you deserve.
Our Program Can Help You Lose Body Fat, Improve Strength and Fitness, and Transform In 12 Weeks
The cost is just $79 a month for a complete training, nutrition and accountability program that will help you make an incredible transformation in 12 weeks.

You'll get immediate access to our workouts, app and resources, but your challenge will start next Monday. 

We will send you a list of suggested equipment and assessment tools for the at home workouts in case you don't have them. If you have nothing, you should be able to get everything that you need for $100-$150 (depends on the program). 

We've helped over a thousand clients make incredible progress. We would love the oppportunity to help you experience results like this and the impact that it has on all areas of your life. 
How Do I Get Started?
Start your 12 Week Transformation by selecting Start My Transformation below. We can only take on a limited number of people each week, so please reserve your spot while it's available.
12 Week Online Transformation Program Overview
79 A Month
$237 Billed Every 3 Months, Cancel Anytime
  • 3 Program Options: Female, Male, Male Muscle Building
  • A Complete Training Program With Unique At Home and Gym Workouts
  • Proven Nutrition Program With Meals Plans, Grocery Lists and Macro Plans
  • All The Resources You Need To Get The Results You Want
  • Weekly Coach Check-Ins, Group Support and Messaging
  • Group Message Support From Our Coaches
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee - If You're Not 100% Satisfied, We'll Refund Your Initial Investment
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